Carly Harmon

Top Distribution Channels to Focus on in 2017

Content creation isn’t slowing down anytime soon in 2017. It’s crucial for effective brand awareness and lead generation. According to Hubspot’s State of Inbound 2016 report, we can see what channels marketers are planning to add into their content strategies for the rest of the year: We can see that video content (YouTube, Facebook video, Instagram) will grow tremendously, as well as interactive and real-time platforms like messenger apps. Along with video and chats, marketers must also produc

Snapchat Stories Are Now Searchable by Content

Snapchat has always been a place where you specifically connect with friends and people you know. Other social platforms are used for building large followings with random people. As you can see with Snapchat, there are zero follower counts, no “likes,” and a search portion that’s “virtually non-existent.” This week, that will partially change. Snapchat announced a new update to the discovery portion of the platform, where users will be able to search for stories. If a user wants to find clip

Facebook Set to Test GIFs in Comments Next Week

GIF lovers rejoice! Facebook has officially announced that next week, the platform will begin testing a GIF button in the comments section. This new GIF menu will work just like the one that became available in Facebook Messenger last year. Users will be able to simply tap the GIF button, prompting them to search through specific GIFs that are populated by platforms such as Giphy. Once a user finds their perfect reaction, they’ll be able to post the GIF straight to the comments. According to T

How to Avoid Having Your Brand Associated with Fake News

Throughout the course of a year, the topic of “fake news” has been circulating the internet and most news channels. There were numerous fabricated stories that went viral around the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and people started learning about specific sites that make money through advertising these false articles. If anything, these unrealistic stories are getting worse. According to Social Media Today, fake news sites are still taking up large audiences through social media. The exaggera

Domino’s Brings Together Ferris Bueller With Stranger Things to Promote Their New Tracker

Domino’s brought together the old and the new in their new ad, featuring Joe Keery from the Netflix hit Stranger Things reenacting the infamous running-home scene from the ‘80s classic Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  The ad was created to promote their newest feature, the Domino’s Tracker. In the ad, we see Keery channel his inner Ferris who in the movie was racing to beat his parents home before they find out that he’s not been at school all day. Domino’s put its own twist on the scene by showing K

MLB and New Era Are Getting Fans Hyped for Opening Day

We’ve survived winter, and Spring is right around the corner. What does this mean for baseball fans? Only one thing: opening day. As if fans couldn’t be hyped enough, the MLB and New Era, a headwear company founded in New York, are teaming up again for the second year of their #CapsOn campaign. The #CapsOn campaign encourages fans, celebrities, and players to dust off their favorite team caps and show off on social media to celebrate opening day, which this year is April 3. Last years debut of

New App StreetChange is Helping Homeless Individuals Off the Streets

There’s a new app hitting the streets of Philadelphia called StreetChange that allows users to make small donations to individuals who are homeless, including essential necessities like food, clothing, or hygiene products. Founders Andrew Siegel, Dan Treglia, and Michael Brody partnered together with the app idea. With research experience at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Social Policy and Practice and close ties to the Mental Health Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania (MHASP),

UxD & the Purdue OWL: Windowless Airplanes by Carly Harmon

When we think of air travel today, a lot of flyers have many things to complain about. One guy doesn't have enough leg room between him and the seat in front of him, so he feels too cramped. A woman's wifi isn't working, so she can't get any work done during her flight. Another guy doesn't like who he's sitting next to. The list can go on and on because, let's face it, users will always find something to complain about. But that's where UxD comes in. It's our job to give users little to complain